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Welcume My Name Is Rad Chad Wayingtn This is About My Day To Day Life [MC] Thouts and My Journey To For Lack Uf Better Word Man-Hood So Follow Me Will You?!? Cross Country On A Road Trip To Life The Rad Chad WAy Like How I Connected That Yea I KNow KInda............WItty(head-nodd) I Know Im RaD Hahahaha Ok I'll Stop But Yea Join Me ThanQ ..... Welcume!?!!

12:32 PM
November 16th, 2011

Change Uf Plans

Chadd’s Logg ThanQ

So here’s hwhats going on I got into a fight with my codriver came home erly and quit my job but not afishal cause I’m under contract till Dec. 1st so after that ill look for new job then I thout I would go to Ohio and get to know my fam out there and I called that morn and found out my gran is in the hospital dien so I booked a flight and know I’m omw sooo…….see you hwhen I get there 2Faingus¥ That’s Chads life


2:54 PM
November 5th, 2011


Look I know I normaly post on the road but that’s hwhen I’m relaxed and enjoying life but this new partner stresses me OUT so after I finish driving I don’t wanna blogg I wanna sleep so once again hear a rapup for you guys daily arguments a overly sensative partner and he doesn’t know hwat he’s doing and desnt lisen to me today alone he got lost FOLLOWING A GPS!!?!! And tryed to make a u turn I told him not to try and bent the buck uf the truck almost flipping it over in the middle uf trafic but ill give more detale when I’m relaxed and stress free juss letting you guys know so you don’t be worried 2Faingus¥

11:53 AM
October 26th, 2011

[MC] State uf Mind

Lotts uf thouts and questions floating around in my head as I go bobbing for answers I haven’t talk to either one uf my brothers so for the first time I look around and feel alone I know I’m a grown man but liven it is craizy sometimes I look in the mirror and I don’t reconise myself I can’t help but think I’ve done and friends I’ve lost was my fault or there’s I’ve allways thout part uf being a man was doing hwhat you want not having to hide it but I find as I time moves on I cellect more secrets not cause I can’t tell but juss make life easyer life is safer in the shadow ( I guess cause no one can see your face) but I feel like I woke up with real life problems this year I lost one uf the Few and I do mean Few that ment the world to me and was a driving frce behind keeping me going and it looks like Ill be moving out pritty soon not juss that thou to another state and if that’s not enough my girlfriend mite be going smh this is not how I saw it but hey // its ben brout to my attention alott more l8tly that maybe I’m not such a nice person and maybe a major asshole I was told on a scale 1~10 I was an 8 so I was kinda shocked then I realised that your not who you think you are but we are how ppl perceive us I new I was a jerk but not that bad I was thinken bout changing but I thout why my cold is why I stay warm in the harshest winters so Run With Me Or Get Runover RadChadd BOOM!!?!! Lol Let’s have a toast for the assholes Man hood not hwhat I thout TeamShocka and I so……..2Faingus¥ showtime


9:25 PM
October 24th, 2011


ChaddWay’s Logg


Man oh man I am now sertan at this point that my new partner is not for me childish and uncertan about himself does not know hwhat he’s doing and won’t take advice so that’s bothersome even more so hwhen he ask for my help witch I’ve lernt means juss watch me as I screwup and don’t say annything so I stand in the cold weather wile he takes an hour to back up and even more so he drives slow we’ve had 6 loads and on time for one I go to sleep we are ontime I wake up we are runing l8 but at this point IDGAF so I’m jus coasting till my contract is up then I’m gone GONE!?! ( p.s. guess who drove two shifts and got the one load there on time……no not cosmo Me C.H. ADD) but that’s hwhats going on pluss lads on my mind I feel the less I talk to God the more unrulely I get Rad on some suspect stuff so…… pray for me 2Faingus¥


8:29 PM
October 20th, 2011



ThanQ Man man so I know have a new partnr and I didn’t wanna conplain and or say anything untill I was sure but I don’t think this is gonna workout not gonna go in to details right now but asfar as erthang els its all gravity I left Monday night and I’ve hit I’LL and or now I’m omw to FL and I have a load w8ting heading back to MN so money looks good but as far as the new codriver ill put it this Way we’ve to both apoint ment so far and its def not me Hello soo…… P.U.S.H. for me 2Faingus¥


6:56 PM
October 18th, 2011

Re Rap

ChadWay’sLogg ThanQ Well I didn’t leave the day uf the last posti just left this pas Monday 10-17-11 long story short there was a lot going on and know I’m sitting in a truck stop some we’re between AZ, and NM eating some soup runing nose hope I’m not getting sick no snow yet and hoping to miss it soo…pray for me 2Fangus¥ ThanQ


5:30 PM
October 13th, 2011


ChaddsWay’s Logg

ThanQ So basicly I was hangen with the female so I could be on my phone (not like I wanted to) Hello but yea piced her up Friday and hung till Monday night and it was nice till Sunday went and got sushi had a badd roll still get nashis juss thinken bout it but I was vishly ill Monday and Tuesday felt better Wensday and a lil better today and its almost the weeksend again but I have less than 10 dollars to my name and bills coming (pluss holidays) so I’m at my terminal w8ting on a load I should be posting regularly know cause I will be Gone Till November yes gone till black Friday coming home shoping and back on the road till new years its a long time but hey hwhy not so untill then……Tucc That thang In 2Faingus¥


12:14 PM
October 7th, 2011


ChadWay’s Logg

ThanQ Today I went to L.A. to visit my fam tryed to go see my YB in the beach but he never hit me back so w\e but boi did I have fun yes yes I did had a gr8 time coolen with my lil bro good laughs remebering school time jokes with my grandy and even got some DvDs for 50 cent so a pritty good run then I shot over to my cuzzens house and just enjoyed afew laughs man good times my big cuzzens are a trip having me craken up with laughter and they all laugh hard like I do feels good to be around some real men that laugh hard well cause life is I’ll be spending the weekend with my laidy can’t w8 but till I pick her up I’ll be acting a fuu with my cuzzens prob go tcb wit my other lil bro soo…party hard I do Hello lol 2Faingus¥


10:40 AM
October 6th, 2011


ChaddWay’s Logg ThanQ To day I got back one day erly so I took this time to hang with my nephew he’s 2 so I wentto run some arens and I tossed him over my sholder he spoild and has no men around eggs me so I thout it would be good for him and pluss he doesn’t act like that hwhen I’m around cause I don’t play I’m not his daddy and I ain’t haven it Hello but overall it was fun and I enjoyed myself soo…2Faingus¥ Wellcume!!?!!

10:40 AM
October 6th, 2011


ChaddWay’s Logg ThanQ So today I went and saw my pop cause he just had surgery for throat cancer and it was fun I got a new tatt and chose to use dude for all my tatts good work and fast but my pop kinda played me asked me for a ride said he had gas but long story short he ditched me but I ain’t trippen I love my pop My pop, stanley le’keith williams He’s never lsot a fight, not against poverty, not against pain, not even cancer could defeat my father.I look up to him soo…you should too 2Faingus¥ Wellcume!!?!!